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Exciting news about the Playstation 5

Ever since Sony announced the future release of the PlayStation 5 console, PlayStation enthusiasts have been waiting for the moment in anticipation. The exact launch date of the 5th series of PlayStation by the Japanese electronics and gaming console maker is not known, but analysts predict early 2020. It is so unusual that this multinational conglomerate still has not issued a statement yet to clear the air. Anyway, the exact date that the PS 5 is coming out is a story for another day. Today though, we want to share some exciting news about the PlayStation 5, even as you wait for the next generation gaming hardware to be rolled out so you can grab yourself one.

  1. The PlayStation 5 Will Be Backwards Compatible

The PlayStation 5 is going to be backward compatible with existing PlayStation 4 titles. What does that mean? You are going to be able to play your favorite PS4 games on the console. This is a feature many PlayStation gamers have been yearning for quite some time, even as the previous consoles never had it.

  1. Super Fast Processing Power and Speeds

In addition, to backward compatibility, the next generation PlayStation is going to have immense processing power and speeds, slashing loading times by a significant percentage. In fact, Sony says the gaming hardware is going to be 19 times faster than its predecessor, which is PS4. Now that is quite exciting news about the PlayStation 5, isn’t it? This is all thanks to next-gen AMD processor with up to 8 cores the seven-nanometer Zen 2 microchip.

  1. 3D Audio and Ray Tracing for Audio and Graphics

The PlayStation 5 is also going to feature 3D audio and a technology known as ray tracing for the graphics. With these, you can look forward to an out-of-this-world audio experience and very spectacular graphics, taking your gaming experience to another level.

  1. 8K Gaming Console

PS 5 is going to be an 8K gaming console, which will be one of its kind. However, this feature will be contingent upon screen such that if the screen is not 8K, you will not enjoy the next generation display resolution. So, you may want to upgrade to an 8K screen if you have not done so yet.

Final Thoughts

After many rumors regarding the PlayStation 5 console, whose release date is yet to be confirmed by Sony, Sony’s Mark Cerny recently gave out some high sort after details about the next-gen console in an interview with the Wired Magazine.

Even though many gamers did convey their excitement for the exciting news about the PlayStation 5, some did express some reservations. There is no denying the fact that the PlayStation 5 will be a pretty powerful machine, but there are some aspects that will need improvement. For example, it has been established that the PS5 will not have a power advantage over the Xbox 5. Either way, everything has its own advantages and disadvantages.